The Autopsy Reports

         One day after Malice Green's death, without waiting for the results of the toxicology reports, Dr. Kahlil Jiraki announced that Green had died of Blunt Force Trauma to the head.  During trial testimony, Jiraki stated that the cocaine later found in Green's system had no more to do with his death than "the color of his eyes". During this testimony, Jiraki also stated that he had never ruled cocaine to be the cause of death in anyone with as small an amount of cocaine as what Green had. NOT TRUE.
        Three months before the death of Malice Green, James Anthony Brooks died after a similar altercation with suburban Detroit police.   Dr. Jiraki performed this autopsy as well.  Although Brooks had MORE injuries than Green and LESS cocaine in his system and NO alcohol, Jiraki ruled COCAINE ABUSE to be the cause of Brooks' death.
        The following are copies of portions of the Green and Brooks autopsies. Note: besides the injuries and cocaine, etc.,  noted on the following pages, Malice Green also had an enlarged heart (one third larger than normal by weight) with dilated chambers, and hardening of the artery to the heart.

Malice "Fly" Green James Anthony Brooks

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8.gif (43705 bytes) From the autopsy of Malice Green:
    "It is my opinion that death was caused by blunt force trauma of the head.  The autosy showed multiple lacerations of the scalp and forehead.  There were contusions of the postero-auricular scalp bilaterally and the left upper eyelid.  There was a patterned contusion on the right
From the autopsy of James Brooks:
"It is my opinion that death was caused by cocaine abuse.  The autopsy showed multiple abrasions, lacerations and contusions of the head, trunk and extremities.  There was cardiomegaly with dilated heart chambers.  The liver showed faty
4.gif (72653 bytes)
9.gif (15846 bytes) frontal scalp.  The left cheek had an abrasion.  The skull showed no fractures; however, the brain showed subarachnoid hemorrage and brain contusions.  In addition, there were multiple abrasions and contusions of the dorsal hands.  The knees and extensor right arm showed multiple abrasions.  The right lower abdomen change.  Blood toxicologic examination revealed cocaine.   The manner of death is undeterminable."

Cocaine: .38
Ethyl Cocaine: 0

5.gif (41070 bytes)
10.gif (89057 bytes) showed a single linear abrasion.  No other injuries were noted.  The manner of death is homicide."

Cocaine: .50
Ethyl Cocaine .026

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